Why We Have Created TP Tutors

Teaching Personnel has launched a new, integrated tuition service, TP Tutors. We wanted to let you know why we’ve decided to turn our tutoring operations into a specialist division.  

In the last two years, Teaching Personnel has made focused tuition possible for disadvantaged pupils on an unprecedented scale through our central role in delivering the National Tutoring Programme. Every day, hundreds of thousands of children are catching up on learning lost during the pandemic with the help of our seasoned tutors.  

But sending great tutors into schools isn’t the only step to a successful catch-up scheme. In consultations, our partner schools have shared some of the issues they’ve encountered with the NTP, from fitting tuition into the timetable to providing evidence for the impact of their spend.  

Evidence shows that focused tuition can equip pupils with five months of additional progress. After so much disruption to education, it’s critical that looked-after children can reap these benefits. But for this to happen, virtual schools need to be able to take control of the many moving parts that lead to better pupil outcomes.   

Over nearly three decades, our teams have provided a suite of tuition services to schools, trusts and local authorities that help young people make provable progress. With development of our flagship tuition management platform (LEAP) now complete, we can design and deliver specialist tutoring programmes, with results that you can measure.  

We have the people, the technology and the experience to help at-risk young people get their futures on track, and the time is right to take our service to virtual schools. TP Tutors offers a new degree of flexibility, oversight and value for money. We hope you will consider putting us to work getting the children in your care ready to re-enter mainstream education.