Tuition programmes case studies

Our tutors work with Looked After Children, using their skills and experience to positively impact learning, attitude, engagement, behaviour and wellbeing.


Below are recent case studies detailing their work.



Student C

A student demonstrating some social, emotional, and behavioural issues, while living in a care home.


Student J

A disengaged student with SEND and a very poor attendance record.


Student X

A permanently excluded student who had displayed violent behaviour towards teachers and pupils.

Our tutor is fabulous

She has understood each child’s individual needs and works hard to ensure each child makes progress.  Her session reports are thorough and really help staff understand what has been achieved so that there is consistency between learning, both in and out of the classroom.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better match!

Eastington Primary School, Glouchestershire

We have really appreciated

The support whilst delivering the Tutoring programme at Parc Eglos school. The support we received from Lewis Laity was exceptional. He talked us through the programme, guided us through technical issues and helped us adapt the programme according to our needs. I would highly recommend.

Brett Dye, Co – Head Teacher

Parc Eglos School, Cornwall