Student J

Teaching Personnel tutors provide alternative education for Pupil J.

Teaching Personnel tutors provide alternative education for Pupil J.  

Pupil J lived with their birth family, who have their own SEN needs and a poor view of education. Whilst at home, J spends most of their time in their room playing video games; this has led to J becoming withdrawn and contributed to them becoming overweight. Additionally, J had moved schools twice in the last year and had a less than 20% attendance record at their most recent school. J has a mentor from a charity led service.   

Teaching Personnel was asked to provide daily tutors to engage J in educational activities around vocational subjects and functional skills. Two tutors worked with J. The first has a background in art, design and mechanics, an area J is interested in, and provides enrichment/alternative tuition sessions/projects in Art and Design and Mechanics. The second tutor delivers Maths and English Functional Skills to raise academic attainment.  

The pupil is working with tutors to create goals to work towards, one of these being that he has joined a gym they can attend with their mentor in the evenings. The tutors are also working on self-esteem, confidence and weight loss. J’s confidence and engagement have already increased, and the tuition sessions are, on the whole successful. J is reengaging with education, and their attendance in one-to-one sessions has significantly improved, with only the odd session not attended so far. The tutors provide regular communication to J’s family, who have also attended some of the tuition sessions, which is helping to bring them on board.  

The end goal for J was that by September 2021, they would have built their self-esteem enough to return to school. With the tutors’ positive effects on J and their whole family, it is hoped that their next school will be a long-lasting placement for the rest of KS4. 

The two tutors assigned will remain with J for the rest of this AY to provide continuity and stability and will, if required, work with them in September as part of a transition programme. The tutors are working with J to support him and prepare them for this transition.   

Our tutor is fabulous

She has understood each child’s individual needs and works hard to ensure each child makes progress.  Her session reports are thorough and really help staff understand what has been achieved so that there is consistency between learning, both in and out of the classroom.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better match!

Eastington Primary School, Glouchestershire