Reporting and demonstrating impact

The LEAP management portal is the platform that underpins all our in-person and online tuition programmes.

LEAP provides actionable insights on student attendance and academic progress, enabling you to take control of your school’s tuition programmes.

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Our partner EdPlace provides a range of assessments accessible via LEAP that allows us to plot the progress your pupils make and enable our tutors to create bespoke tuition programmes. 

Establishing an assessment baseline and following up with an end of programme attainment score demonstrates the tuition’s impact on your pupils. 

Child having remote school
Pupil during online tuition

Feedback & quality assurance

LEAP is home to tutor reports and Pupil Voice. Together they provide an invaluable source of information about the quality and impact of the tuition your pupils receive.  

After each session, the tutor completes a session report including session details, attendance, and learning and engagement comments individualised for each pupil. The tutor writes a progress report detailing each child’s learning progress and outcomes at the end of the tuition block. 

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice collects your pupils’ feedback and quickly highlights the areas where we can make improvements. Pupil Voice is quick and easy to use and features: 


Child-centric design that will work for all age groups and abilities.


A simple question structure maximises response and helps us pick up areas requiring immediate attention.


Post-session questions allow us to make improvements for the following sessions.

Pupil Voice gives pupils an easy and effective way to deliver feedback after each tuition session and at the end of the block. This feedback helps us quality assure the tuition we provide now and in the future. 

Reporting and account management

Your account manager will use the data available on LEAP to build a series of reports for your school or MAT. These data-rich but accessible reports will highlight both the usage and impact of the tuition programmes running across your school. They form the basis of our regular service reviews and can be used to demonstrate the use of tuition funding. 

Child having remote school