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TP Tutors has invested in technology platforms that help schools, tutors, and pupils to get the most from tuition programmes. We have prioritised ease of use in developing our LEAP platform and acted on feedback to create a system that makes delivering high-impact tuition easier.


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LEAP, the Virtual Learning Environment

The LEAP portal’s reporting provides actionable insights on student attendance and progress. Feedback systems, including Pupil Voice, identify pupils at risk of disengaging and help tutors adopt strategies to address these issues.

The LEAP portal lets you:

  • Add pupils to tuition programmes
  • Check on progress by child and/or group
  • View attendance reports
  • View current, past and future sessions
  • Assign pupils into groups


LEAP tracks engagement, attendance and academic and/or personal/emotional progress and success.



Monitor attendance alongside the quality and impact of the educational programme being offered and make any changes necessary.



Whole programme reports can be pulled from LEAP data to provide detailed analysis of the education programme, inputs, outputs, performance, and impact.


EdPlace support NTP Tuition Partners with student assessments. Helping to identify initial student needs, track progress and measure the impact of tutoring. Over 10,000 NTP students have completed our assessments, with many more scheduled.

EdPlace’s dynamic assessments are an impartial benchmarking tool created by UK qualified teachers with a minimum of 5 years of classroom experience. They cover all key objectives in the National Curriculum. They are automatically marked, providing immediate feedback for students, teachers and tutors.

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